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Plant Growth Facilities (PGF) PGF is an Institutional Core Research Facility, under the Agriculture Experiment StationWe provide over 60k ft2 of research space, including greenhouses, growth chambers and biocontainment facilities, to a diverse research base. Check out our newest renovations here!

The PGF community includes approximately 40 faculty/PIs, 250 support staff and 300 undergraduates in the classroom and teaching greenhouse.  Our researchers represent 5 different colleges and study a diverse range of plant material, including:  Wheat, Corn, Potatoes, Rice, Salt Grass, Arabidopsis & Hemp.

Much of the plant based research that occurs throughout CSU initially started at the Plant Growth Facilities!

In addition to the broad range of research plants, PGF maintains a diverse tropical and desert plant collection in the Conservatory.  These plant species provide educational opportunities for the Biology, Botany, and Horticulture labs and is open to the public for enjoyment.

The research space is available rent for use by Faculty, Staff and Graduate students.  Please contact PGF for details.

What's Blooming this Week in Conservatory?

Greenhouse 110 is devoted to research for the CSU Wheat Breeding and Genetics Program. Our activities include making crosses for development of new breeding populations and conduct of wheat x maize doubled haploid line development for rapid production of new experimental breeding lines. These activities lead directly to development and release of improved wheat varieties for producers in Colorado and other states in the region.

Requirements for PGF Access-(must be completed before keycard is activated)

  • PGF Orientation
  • Worker Protection Standard (WPS) Training
    • (offered 1st Friday @10am in PGF classroom)
  • Registration in Redbud

RedBud-Registration required for greenhouse access.


Office Hours: M-F 8:30-5, BUT may not be in office. If door is closed, we’re unavailable (gone, conference call, lunch).  Please respect that the door is closed for a reason!


Email is best- appointments are always appreciated

After hours emergencies:

TEXT: 970-986-9427


Tammy Brenner-PGF Manager
Room 115
970.491.7140 (office)

Paul Freebury-Assistant Manager/Foreman
Room 115
970.491.7430 (office)

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