Pest Management


Pest management is required as part of renting space at UGH and is provided by PGF staff. PGF provides:

  1. Monitoring/Scouting
  2. Plant inspection/quarantine. Please do not bring in any plant materials without PGF inspection.
  3. Sanitation
  4. Planning and implementation of IPM strategies, control measures and treatments
  5. Training of all greenhouse workers. The EPA requires that ALL people working in greenhouse receive Workers Protection Standard (WPS) training in regards to pesticide safety. PGF hosts this training once per semester.

Plant Growth Facilities is NOT a storage facility.  Please remove your materials as soon as research project is completed.  Any materials left behind, including pots, trays, plant material, and equipment may be discarded resulting in user disposal fee.

What can you do to help?

  1. Maintain healthy plants via best management practices (water, fertility, etc.).
  2. Water at appropriate times of the day. It is recommended that watering be finished in the morning so that the greenhouse may dry out, thereby decreasing relative humidity. This small step alone can eliminate/prevent many of the common fungal diseases such as powdery mildew.
  3. It is not recommended that plants are bottom-watered without draining. The standing water can become a breeding ground for fungal spores and algae.
  4. Please notify PGF staff as soon as damage/insect activity is noticed. Although we monitor and scout regularly, you may notice damage in your crop before we do.
  5. Allow all new plant material brought in to be inspected by PGF staff before putting in the greenhouses.
  6. Keep all greenhouse doors closed.
  7. Maintain a clean growing space. PGF reserves the right to assess fines to spaces that are consistently dirty.
  8. Remove plant debris immediately.
  9. Use sterile pots and media. Sterilize tools, equipment, and hands as needed.
  10. Please be patient. Just because we spray does not mean the pest will go away (immediately, anyway). We use many different types of insecticides in rotation to prevent resistance. Each chemical interacts with the pathogen differently and sometimes the effect is not immediate.
  11. Adhere to all greenhouse signs and REI postings.
  12. Notify PGF of any special treatment your crops require (e.g. plants part of herbivory study and cannot have insecticide residue).

Greenhouse users are NOT allowed to apply chemicals. Any chemicals found in the greenhouse areas will be confiscated and disposed of. Greenhouse users found to be in violation may be subject to removal from the greenhouses.

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